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NEXT MEETING: June 4th, 2:00 - 4:00

Our own Dave Robbins (past Washington Tree Farmer of the Year), and retired boss of the family owned Hama Hama Tree Farm/Oyster business, has kindly offered our Olympic Chapter a tour of his north of Quilcene tree farm. Dave says the theme of his tour will be “mistakes” which he will enumerate to us so we all have a positive learning experience.
WHERE:  Dave’s Alder Patch Tree Farm
Directions from South Kitsap/Mason County: stay on 101 North, and 1 mile past where  104 merges, and at the top of a small rise, there will be a short guardrail on your right with a driveway on each side of it.
Take the 2nd driveway – there will be a WFFA Tree Farm tour sign there. That puts you at the Dew residence. (Another sign will be here.) Continue on the gravel road. It’s about a mile up a hill and do-able for small cars. Parking is at the top under powerlines.
Directions from North: Go about ½ mile past Fat Smitty’s (where Highway 20 takes off), and you’ll see the same two driveways on your left. Continue as per the second paragraph above.
Directions from the Hood Canal Bridge:  Same directions after 104 merges with 101. 
Questions? Call Dick at 206-265-1495.
PLEASE RSPV to Vivian Chesterley: text 206-406-0392 with your name and number of people attending, or email Vivian at vchesterley@gmail.com.


Report on August 9th Tour & Picnic

27 people attended the Olympic Chapter annual picnic held this year at the Chesterley Family Tree Farm. Neighbors whose land surrounds the tree farm were also invited, 6 attended.

As each car entered, each person was given a handout detailing the various stands seen (harvest dates, replanting info, areas thinned) as they drove through the tree farm to the picnic site. The merits of WFFA were extolled for the neighbors, and an update given on what WFFA is doing on the state level. A  walking tour of the recently thinned 26 year old stand, and a clear cut done about 5 years ago and replanted was shown. Folks looked at areas where we are trying to control scotch broom and shared information on what they have done and what success (or not!) they have had.

For information on future meetings, contact the President at olympic@wafarmforestry.com.

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President:    Dick Alescio

Vice President:    Gene Anest

Sec/Treasurer:    Vivian Chesterley

Past President:    Sam Comstock

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If you have any questions, call Dick Alescio at 206-265-1495 or Sam Comstock at 360-490-0518 or olympic@wafarmforestry.com.