WFFA Report
Mt. Adams Chapter
July 2018

The Mt. Adams Chapter held our summer meeting at the property of Valerie and Howard Hoy, near Stevenson, on June 16.  Attending were chapter members Valerie Hoy, Howard Hoy, Vic Blandine, Anita Gahimer-Crow, Jon Matson, and Jim White.  Guests (and hopefully future members) were Jan Kilpinski, Maka Kilpinski, Dan Gundersen, and Jennifer Vaughn. 
A steady rain prevented us from taking a tour of the property, but hosts Valerie and Howard introduced us all to another use they make of their forest – inoculating logs and stumps with mushroom fungi.  They showed us inoculated stumps on a recent clearcut, and even let folks inoculate a small log themselves, to take home and try it for themselves.  Several of us took advantage, taking home a small log inoculated with Shitake mycelium.
Anita and Jon reported on an excellent WFFA Annual meeting in May.
At our meeting, we re-elected officers – Jim White, President and Secretary; Joe Prouty, Vice-President, and Anita Gahimer-Crow, Treasurer.
Our next meeting will be in the fall, probably late October – folks have busy summers.
A special thanks to Valerie and Howard for hosting, and to Jon Matson for making the long trip down from Maple Valley to join us!


For more information about the chapter, contact [email protected]


East of Cascades Pine & Oak Forest
Chapter Officers
President/Secretary Jim White
Vice President Joe Prouty
Treasurer Anita Gahimer Crow
Board Member Vic Blandine