Report on June Log Buyer's Forum, by Bob Brink

A log buyer's forum was hosted by the Cowlitz Chapter on June 12th in Longview. The following gave presentations: Paul Hadaller from Pac Fibre, Matt Ellery from Bell Lumber and Pole, Eric Metcalf from Pacific
Lumber Shipping, Ken Jones fromCascade Hardwoods, and Ken Maurer from RSG.

Pac Fibre's prices are in the mid to upper $30's/ton for alder and maple and around $40 for fir logs. Chunks down to four feet are a few dollars less.

The pole market is very strong. Bell is currently buying all sizes 35' and up. Their big news is that they will be opening a receiving yard in Longview in the third quarter. Currently they have been receiving at the Teeven Brothers yard in Longview but can also pay for the haul.

PLS anticipates continued strong markets through the rest of the year. It may get even better if there is fire shut down in the high country. Japan quality logs are in the $950 range, with the China in the mid $800's.

Cascade Hardwoods is buying alder to a 5" top and maple and ash to 6" for a 16' log also receiving in Teeven yard. Alder prices are around $800 for nice logs 32' and up. Maple is in the $500 range.

RSG says domestic markets are strong as evidenced by them adding a second shift for the first time in 10 years. Prices are in the mid $800's for their 60 grade log. Ken anticipates 2-3 % annual price increases over the next few years. Cross laminated beams and floors are starting to become important markets.

If you harvesting this year, please give these folks a call. They are always happy to come look at standing timber and give you their opinion on quality and price.

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Cowlitz chapter members enjoying picnic at Andrews Tree Farm
Cowlitz chapter members enjoying picnic at Andrews Tree Farm



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