Picnic and Twilight Tour of Madsen's Coal Creek Tree Farm

Tuesday, July 16, 2024 - 4:00pm


Lewis Chapter

Picnic and Twilight Tour of Madsen's Coal Creek Tree Farm

Who:           Sam & Sharon Madsen and Eric & Emily Girton

Where:      Across the road from 486 Coal Creek Road, Chehalis

When:        Tuesday, July 16, 2024

                  NOTE TIMES:  Tour starts at 4:00 pm; Potluck starts at 6:30 pm

The Coal Creek Tree Farm is a 628-acre property owned by Sam & Sharon, and Eric & Emily Girton (daughter).  They have been tree farmers since 2010, but are probably better known to most of us as the supplier of STIHL chain saws and other power tools through their store, Madsen's Shop and Supply, Inc.

The Coal Creek Tree Farm is comprised of about 500 acres of 30 to 35-year-old Douglas-fir reprod about 80 acres of new plantations, and a 40-acre natural forest with mixed species that is 70 plus years old. Since acquiring the property, the Madsen's have remediated two old coal mines, built and improved over five miles of road, installed two fish-friendly creek crossings, developed an extensive trail system, and thinned hundreds of acres of their forest land.

Details on the Tour: The Madsen’s tree farm is large, so the tour will be by vehicle rather than walking.  Because of the steepness of the roads, 4WD vehicles are needed, so we’ll be riding in the back of pickups or a trailer. If you have a 4WD vehicle and can haul people inside or in the back, please say so when you arrive so your vehicle can be placed in the line-up. It will be difficult to follow the route once the parade has departed, so try to arrive on time.  If you can’t make it to the tour because of the early starting time, come for the picnic.

Details on the Potluck:  LCFFA will provide fried chicken, beverages, and tableware.  Please bring a vegetable, salad, or dessert to share.  We have seating for 50 people, but if it is convenient to bring a lawn chair for yourself, please do so.

Driving Directions: In Chehalis, from National Avenue, just south of where it splits into the one-way by Sunbirds, turn on to Coal Creek Road.  Go 1.4 miles and turn left into the tree farm entrance where you will see various signs confirming that you are at a tree farm.  A short distance up the road there is an intersection where you will take the middle road of 3 and continue to the picnic site.  It is a good gravel road, but using 4WD will help prevent washboards.  Please use 4x4 if your vehicle is equipped and drive slowly and carefully don’t.