Merc and Nina Boyer

Merc Boyer’s family settled in Grays Harbor County in the 1880s, and 6 generations of the family have owned forest land there.  His father purchased additional property in the late 1950s and in 1976, Merc bought his first piece of property from his grandfather.  It didn’t take him long to put his new wife Nina to work on the property after they married in 1980.

Now Merc and Nina live on their 51 acre Grays Harbor County tree farm where they raised their 3 children - Rachel, Kelly and Bryce.  Merc and Nina have purchased additional parcels in Lewis and Pierce Counties to pass along forestland to their children, so they can enjoy the setting of being in the woods, as they did when they were kids.  

For 44 years the Boyers have worked hard on their tree farms to plant a variety of species of trees, control competing vegetation and animals, and nurture another crop of trees. Between 1991 and 2018 they had five modest harvests, followed by replanting with mixed conifer species.

In 2023, they were recognized for their hard work by the Lewis County Farm Forestry Association which named them Lewis County Tree Farmers of the Year.  Merc prepared a presentation about their tree farm which tells all about their management for wood, water, wildlife and recreation.  In June 2023, they hosted the Lewis County Farm Forestry Association for a twilight tour on their Kiona Road parcel in east Lewis County, and received great newspaper publicity with an article in The Chronicle before the tour and another one after the tour. The East County Journal also published an article.  Earlier in 2023 they were mentiond in an article in the Aberdeen Daily World.

The Boyer Family Tree Farm has been ATFS certified since 2017.  In 2024, they were nominated for Washington State Tree Farmer of the Year, and this video about the property was prepared by the U.S. Forest Service for the Awards Luncheon.