Lewis County holds 64th annual Awards Banquet

Dennis Larson & Bob Guenther's wife Judy with Community Service AwardBryon & Donna Loucks with Ann Stinson presenting Distintuished Service AwardLewis County Farm Forestry Association has held an Awards Banquet to recognize members who are practicing good forest stewardship or otherwise contributing to our goals for the past 64 years!  This year, 100 members and guests enjoyed a dinner at the Veterans Memorial Museum and presentations about the 3 award winners.  Dennis Larson and Bob Guenther were given a Community Service Award for their efforts to place a 300-year-old tree cookie in each school district in the county.  Russ Armitage was given an award for Forest Management.  Bryon and Donna Loucks were given a Distinguished Service Award for their involvement in LCFFA and other forestry organizations for over 40 years.  The local newspaper, The Chronicle, gave good coverage to the event. Russ Armitage with Forest Management Award