Who are we?

Washington Farm Forestry Association

WFFA is an organization of and for forest land owners in Washington State.  Our members own from a few acres to a few thousand acres and manage them for timber, other forest products, wildlife, fish, recreation, and aesthetics.  Forestry professionals and interested individuals who do not own forest land are welcome to join as Associate members.

WFFA is a non-profit 501(c)(5), non-governmental association which is guided by a 28-member Board of Directors.

Fifteen local chapters representing geographic regions of the state each have their own officers and provide educational programs and tours.

Our 1,300 family memberships manage over 150,000 acres of forest land in Washington.


Our Motto is:            Stewards of the Land...for Generations to Come

Our Slogan is:          A crop today, another tomorrow through good forest management

Our Mission is:         To empower citizen ownership and stewardship of private forest land