WFFA State Officer Elections - Remember to vote by July 15!

Elections and Annual Meeting Updates - Last autumn, the WFFA Executive Board made a fiscally responsible decision to cancel our traditional indoor annual meeting, including our business meeting, for the spring of 2022 to avoid incurring substantial non-refundable costs should the event be cancelled due to pandemic concerns. To meet annual non-profit reporting requirements for elections and notifications consistent with our bylaws, we have adopted the following strategy. Official reports covering our financial status, membership and other items are included in our Annual Report which is an insert in our Summer 2022 Landowner News.

Elections will be conducted online via our website, by mail-in voting or by phoning in your vote to Kelly at 360-388-7074 (your preference). For those receiving paper copies of the Landowner News, we have provided a detachable ballot with mailing envelope included; you need only provide the stamp! We will be closing the elections on July 15, 2022. Please cast your online vote, phone in your vote or postmark your mail-in ballot by that time to ensure you have your say in the future of WFFA.  

The Slate of Officers - There were some changes in the expected slate of officers due to changing life circumstances, but we were fortunate to have willing and able members that have put their names forward as candidates for the state office volunteer positions. This year’s Slate of Officers includes returning representatives for the office of President (Dick Alescio – Olympic Chapter), 1st Vice President (Ann Stinson – Lewis Chapter), 2nd Vice President (Court Stanley – Lewis Chapter), Secretary (Paula Hopkins – Pierce Chapter) and Treasurer (Bill Scheer – Lewis Chapter). We are grateful to these members for their willingness to serve. If you feel that you too would like to serve, please contact me at There is a plethora of opportunities to use your expertise within the organization. It might be in helping craft our communications strategy, providing web content, helping with a membership drive, or serving at our booth at the state fair. All efforts are appreciated. 

Thank you again for your participation in this WFFA election process – we value your involvement.

Remember to vote by July 15!

Please click here for the ballot to vote online.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly at 360-388-7074 or