Climate Change and Carbon Sequestration


A climate resilience guide for small forest landowners in western Washington. Raymond, C., Morgan, H., Peterson, D., Halofsky, J. 2022. A Collaboration of the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group, the U.S. Forest Service, and the Northwest Climate Hub.


Climate Symposium. Sponsored by WSU Extension Forestry, June 2022

     Night 1:

  • Carbon sequestration 101: The basics of the biogenic carbon cycle and strategies for Washington forests and forest products to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases.  Presented by Edie Sonne Hall.
  • Carbon smart forestry: What is it and how do you measure it? Presented by Elaine Oneil.

     Night 2:

  • Forest Carbon Projects on King County Forestlands. Presented by Richard Martin.
  • Forest Carbon Works: Carbon Market Access for the Small Woodland Owner. Presented by Sandy Letzing,

     Night 3:

  • NCX Forest Carbon Program: A Carbon Program for all Forest Landowners. Presented by Mary Powers.
  • Current Carbon Opportunities: For Small Forest Landowners, from a Small Forest Landowner. Presented by .John Henrickson

Climate Symposium 2022. Sponsored by WSU Forestry Extension.

     Week 1:

  • Climate change impacts and adaptation for small forest landowners in western Washington.  Presented by Crystal Raymond
  • Climate change: How might it effect Washington's wildlife.  Presented by Ken Bevis

     Week 2:

  • Climate change effects on forest insects and diseases. Presented by Glenn Kohler
  • Trees, drought, and heat. Presented by Henry Adams

     Week 3:

  • Reforestation considerations for private landowners under a changing climate.  Presented by Robert Slesak
  • Options for adapting forest tree species composition in a changing climate.  Presented by Rolf Gersonde

Current carbon opportunities 2022.  A webinar presented by John Henrikson and Ann Stinson. Sponsored by Washington Farm Forestry Association, January 19, 2022. 1 hour, 30 minutes.