Twilight Tour at B&D Tree Farm

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 - 6:30pm

Near Chehalis

Lewis Chapter

Bryon & Donna Loucks, owners of the B&D Tree Farm, have recently installed a deer-proof fence around 15 acres and planted western redcedar and Port Orford cedar.  The area has root rot (Phellinus weirii) so planting an alternate species to Douglas-fir on the site was desirable. In a previous year, LCFFA toured a fenced cedar plantation owned by Port Blakely which was very successful, so the Loucks decided to follow their example.  Also, 37 acres of 47-year-old timber was recently harvested using a timber sale process.  Those who have visited the property on past tours may wish to see how the tree farm has changed since the first LCFFA tour there in 1989.