Legislative Update

The 2022 legislative session has started with a bang. There are several pieces of proposed legislation that may be of interest to members and that have hearings this week.

Specific to small forest landowners

  • House bill (HB) 1895 and Senate bill (SB) 5633: Keep Washington Evergreen
  • SB 5637: Increase Forest Practices App fees to pay for permit system upgrade

Potentially of interest if you own agricultural land or operate small equipment (chainsaws, lawnmowers etc).

  • HB 1838: Stream Buffers on Agricultural Land – (you will have heard about this if you belong to the Farm Bureau)
  • HB 1918: Proposes action to push for electric and battery operated saws and equipment (less than 25 HP) – so chainsaws, lawnmowers, small generators, weed whackers etc.

For more information check out those links and see our legislative update in the WFFA members only section. Log in here. We will be testifying on behalf of WFFA on those bills specific to small forest landowners.

On January 20, WFFA representatives Elaine Oneil and Ken Miller testified at a hearing on SB 5633.  You can view Elaine Oneil's testimony and Ken Miller's testimony.