Impact of state programs and regulation on small forest landowners

Washington Farm Forestry Association (WFFA) efforts last biennium (2019-21) helped to obtain legislative funding for a study at the University of Washington (UW) on the impacts of the forests and fish regulations on SFLOs including updating the statewide landowner database. The report Washington's Small Forest Landowners in 2020 (more than 400 pages, plus online charts and tables) is a treasure trove of information that is waiting to be mined. Now, it is freely available for downloading.

A summary, titled Analyzing State Regulatory Impacts on Small Forestland Owners, is also available online, with additional links to spreadsheets of the data and maps that were used in the report.

In May 2021, three presentations were made about the report to WFFA by researchers involved in preparing it. Technical problems prevented the recording of two presentations, but the first one was recorded and the presentation slides of all 3 spreakers are available.

For a brief summary of the key points, read the recent article by Tami Miketa, manager of the Small Forest Landowner Office, in their DNR newsletter.  (Click here to subscribe to the SFLO [Small Forest Landowner] News directly).  Also available online is the longer DNR summary, Small Forest Landowner Demographic Report.