Richard & Debra Pine

Richard and Debra Pine, owners of O'Neill Pine Company, have 45 parcels totalling about 2200 acres of land, primarily along the I-5 corridor in Lewis County.  The land was first acquired by Debra's grandfather Harold O'Neill.  Richard and Debra were named Washington State Tree Farmers of the Year in 2019.  This short video that was prepared for the nomination tells more about them and their property.Pines receiving Tree Farmer of Year Sign

Organized around the family and a board of directors that make decisions based on future generations, the O’Neill Pine Company Tree Farm has a management goal of forest and economic sustainability into the future.

Richard and Debra are active in the forestry community leading twilight tours, creating newsletters for Concert at a tree farm toururban neighbors to highlight forest management activities.  Their monitoring program allows for testing of new techniques to more effectively achieve reforestation and stocking goals. They also are constantly monitoring market conditions to harvest in a timely fashion to get the best value.

They have utilized various contractors to harvest timber as well as contractors to harvest special forest products such as salal, recreationally they allow for monitored opportunities through the use of permit systems for things like hiking and horseback. They also work closely with urban neighbors in new developments to minimize the risk of fire and concerns over potential hazard trees.Richard & Debra Pine with their forester

 In order to assure that overall management activity on their tree farm is utilized a forest manager who is trained in forestry and is skilled in the use of computer applications that allow for GIS mapping of their various tree farms as well as a database that stores data regarding forest health, potential timing of harvest and noncommercial stocking opportunities is used. 

They are proud that their land is certified by both FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and ATFS (American Tree Farm System).

For more information, visit their web site.