Watch "Bugs and Crud at Rafter Seven Ranch" Video

Enjoy this educational video which highlights some of the challenges faced at Rafter Seven Ranch in Chewelah, Washington. These bugs and crud include Armillaria Spp., Meria laricis (Larch Needle Cast), Sphaeropsis sapinea (Diplodia Tip Blight) and the invasive species Arceuthobium Spp. (Dwarft Mistletoe). Rafter Seven Ranch is owned and operated by Bob Playfair and his daughter, Patti Playfair, of our WFFA Northeast Chapter.

This video is a coordinated production featuring Patti Playfair (WFFA Past President), Randy Burke (WFFA Spokane Chapter President and WSU Landowner Assistance Forester) and Melissa Fischer, PhD (DNR Forest Entomologist); with videography and editing by Sean Alexander (WSU NE Extension Forester) and music by Ken Bevis.