Stewards of the Land: Family Forestry for Generations to Come

For over 70 years the Washington Farm Forestry Association’s motto has stood the test of time, “A crop today, another tomorrow, through good forest management.”  And for over 70 years a certain kind of person has joined, participated or provided leadership to this association.  They have done so not only because they found a great purpose in owning and managing forestland, but also because they found purpose in serving a cause greater than themselves. The stories of these individuals show their love for their environment and a lasting organization that brought them together. The interviews of these members were conducted in 2003-2004 and published in 2005.  Since then, many of them have passed away, but their stories live on and help us remember those who have helped maintain our Evergreen State’s special character and quality of life. The following WFFA members are featured in chapters of Stewards of the Land:
Mark Andrews Vern Johnson Ron Pursley
Bob and Mariella Arnold Gordon and Betty Jones Henry Albert Reasoner
Dr. Hinton Baker Elmer Kegel Revesz/Witter
Jean Bolton John Kingsbury Mike Salisbury
Joe Buhaly Jim Kirkland Jack Schumacher
Violet Burke Dave and Beverly Larson James Malcolm Stewart
Charley and Dorothy Burton Mick Lewis Chuck Stillman
Warren and Edith Bushnell Betty Lindman and William Jolly Doug Stinson and Fae Marie Beck
Charles Chambers Knut Lunuum Jack and Lois Sutherland
Helen Daly John and Pat Malone David Townsend
Joe Drazil Don McClure Harmon Van Slyke
Dick and Mary Anne Easter Wilbur "Tunny" McCollum Winton and Norman Wefer
Edwin Eichentoph Ron Munro Paul Wesseler
Walter and Alice Ek Dr. John Nelson Richard and Louise Westergreen
Bob and Lynette Falkner Ed and Barbara Nitkowski Duane Weston
Dan Grewe Chan Noerenberg Walt and Dardean Wheaton
Nels Hanson Derald and Audrey Oxley Maurice Williamson
Fred and Dorthea Hart Richard Peters Bill and Erin Woods
David Henry Fred Pickering Richard and Leslie Woods
Margaret Colf Hepola Bob Playfair Tom Wynne
Adolph Huber Fred Pratt