Non-timber Forest Products

Non-Timber Forest Products for Small Forest Land Owners is a web site that collects information from a variety of sources about species and products that are harvested for profit.  Examples include mushrooms, berries, ferns, tree boughs, cone, moss, and medicinal products.

Special forest products species information guide for the Pacific Northwest.  USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station, General Technical Report 513. 2001.

Edible plants of the Pacific Northwest.  Jim Freed, 2013, published in SFLO Newsletter.

Forest Farming Specialty Mushroom Crops.  A webinar presented by Justin O'Dea, Patrick Shults, and Stephen Bramwell, WSU Extension on April 14, 2020.



Growing edible mushrooms on logs.  Webinar presented by Washington State University, Extension Forestry, 2020. 1 hour, 6 minutes.