Web Sites

Firewise.  The National Fire Protection Association has an excellent website that provides education (many free publications and DVDs) to encourage fire prevention around homes in the forest.

Healthy Forest Facts is a web site with information and videos on preventing forest fires by keeping forests healthy.

The Washington Department of National Resources maintains the Fire Prevention and Fuel Management Mapping System which is a map which shows areas covered by large fires in the state from 1973-2016, and also other map layers that show mortality caused by insects and diseases.  Various time periods can be selected, by year, or by damaging agent.


The 2018 Annual Meeting of the Washington Farm Forestry Association focused on fire, with a theme of "Wildfire - Building Community and Forest Resilience".  All of the presentations from that meeting can be viewed here.

The Kittitas Fire Adapted Communities Coalition has prepared an excellent resource which includes 4 videos: "How is Kittitas County a fire environment", "Living with wildlife in Kittitas County", "Wildlife and wildfire resistant forests" and "Everyone has a role".

"Wildfire - Building Community and Forest Resilience" was the theme of the 2018 WFFA Annual Meeting. All of the presentations were recorded and can be viewed here.

Making your forest land fire safe. An 8 minute video produced in Oregon but equally applicable to Washington forests discusses possible treatments you should consider to make your forestland more resilient to wildfire. 2018.

How to make your home and property fire-safe.  A 5 minute video shows you the treatments necessary to help make your home and surrounding property more resilient from a possible fire. 2018.


Wildlife-friendly fuels reduction in dry forests of the Pacific Northwest, by Nicole Strong and Ken Bevis is one of a series of pamphlets in the Woodland and Wildlife series. 2016.

A land manager's guide for creating fire-resistant forests. Oregon State University, EM 9087. 2013.

A homeowner's guide to fire-resistant home construction  Published by Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics and Ecology, 2006. 8 p.

Fire resistant plants for home landscapes: selecting plants that may reduce your risk from wildfire.  Extension Service, PNW 590.

Reducing hazardous fuels on woodland property: Disposing of woody material. Oregon State University, Extension Service, EC 1574. 2008.

Reducing hazardous fuels on woodland property: Mechanical treatments. Oregon State University, Extension Service, EC 1575. 2008.

Reducing hazardous fuels on woodland property: Pruning. Oregon State University, Extension Service, EC 1576. 2008.

Reducing hazardous fuels on woodland property: Thinning. Oregon State University, Extension Service, EC 1573. 2008.