Forest Practices

Washington Department of Natural Resources, Forest Practices is the place to go for rules, regulations, permits, and assistance in Washington.

All forest activities in Washington are regulated by the Forest Practices Act, Chapter 76.09 R.C.W. and the Stewardship of Nonindustrial Forests and Woodlands, Chapter 76.13 R.C.W.

The Forest Practice Rules establish standards for forest practices such as timber harvest, pre-commercial thinning, road construction, fertilization, and forest chemical application (Title 222 WAC).

Forest Practices Illustrated is a book, now available online, that explains the complex Washington State regulations in a more easily understood format.  The entire book can be downloaded or you may wish to choose only the chapter you need.

An Unofficial Guide to Helping SFLO Alternate Plans Succeed

The Forest and Fish Agreement provides Alternate Plans to offset the disproportionate impact of the rules on small forest land owners. However getting an Alternate Plan approved can be very complex and intimidating, so few SFLOs take advantage of this opportunity.  This unofficial document is intended to provide SFLOs with supplemental information to help you understand the process and offer some hypothetical examples of potential strategies to demonstrate riparian protections in your particular AP application.