Woodland Fish and Wildlife is a series of pamphlets published by Washington State University Extension Service that provide information on managing your forest land to encourage wildlife. All are available to download at no cost.  Wildlife species covered includes deer, elk, fish, beaver, bats, ducks, turkey, songbirds, piegons, grouse, and quail and others in the series cover various habitat types (Douglas-fir, ponderosa pine, Oregon oak).

WSU Forestry Extension web site has links to numerous publications on Wildlife, Animal Damage, Birds and Bats, Endangered Species.

Diversifying Forest Structure to Promote Wildlife Biodiversity in Western Washington Forests. Washington State University. EM 044. 2012

Wildlife ecology and forest habitat.  EB 1866.  Washington State University Extension Service, 1997.

Identifying and Managing Mountain Beaver Damage to Forest Resources.  Washington State University, EM 9063. 2013.

Oregon Forest Resources Institute, with the cooperation and funding from many other companies and agencies, has published a series of excellent publications aimed at synthesizing current research findings and making the information available to field practitioners.  Although they are focused on Oregon, the wildlife and plant species are similar to those in Washington.

Wildlife in managed forests: deer and elk. 2013. 32 pages.

Wildlife in managed forests: northern spotted owl. 2007. 28 pages.

Wildlife in managed forests: Oregon forests as habitat. 2011. 40 p.

Wildlife in managed forests: stream-associated amphibians. 2009. 28 pages.

Wildlife in managed forests: fish habitat and passage. 2014. 28 p.

Wildlife in managed forests: early seral-associated songbirds. 2015. 30 p.

Wildlife in managed forests: the American beaver. 2016. 28 p.

Web Sites of Interest

Endangered Species, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This site allows searching for a particular species, or looking at a list of endangered animals and plants by state.

Priority Habitats and Species contains comprehensive information on important fish, wildlife, and habitat resources in Washington for land use planning purposes.

Washington Wildlife Distribution Maps shows habitat maps and a brief descriptions of mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles in Washington.