More Education Links


The State of America's Forests: An Interactive Guide is a website that tells a story of regrowth, renewal, and abundance.  It offers a graphical view of data from the U.S. Forest Services Forest Inventory and Analysis unit.

Treesource: Forest Journalism for a Sustainable Future is an online magazine about forestry.  Articles are more in-depth than the usual superficial daily news and are designed for the general public, not forestry professionals or practitioners..

Washington's Working Forests Action Network is composed of individuals and organizations who are united to safeguard the future of sustainable, healthy working forests in Washington and the renewable materials and jobs they provide. Its web site contains educational information and statistics about forestry in Washington. Sponsors include Washington Farm Forestry Association, Society of American Foresters, Washington Forest Protection Association, Washington Contract Loggers Association, Northwest Pulp and Paper Association and American Forest Resource Council.

Know Your Forest is an excellent database of information which was created specifically for Oregon, but much of the information is appropriate for Washington forests.

Washington State University, Forestry Extension, Resources by Topic contains numerous publications and links, many of which are duplicated in the "By Subject" section of this web site.

Wood: The Most Natural Resource is an educational site sponsored by the Washington Forest Protection Association and Oregon Forest Resources Institute.  Its mission is to:

  • Promote the benefits of wood as a cost-effective and environmentally preferred green building material to the design/build communities;
  • Develop professional and science-based print and electronic materials that highlight wood products as a preferred green building material;
  • Underscore the Pacific Northwest’s sustainable forest practices and high environmental standards throughout all communications; and
  • Advocate for the Pacific Northwest as a national center of expertise for sustainable forest management and innovative wood products manufacturing.



Webinars are online seminars which can be viewed live at a designated time, or later after the session is archived.  Several organizations have collections of these that are available free for anyone.

The American Tree Farm System hosts regular webinars and has archived ones available for viewing at any time.

Southern Regional Extension Forestry Office has a collection of over 300 archived webinars and continues to add new ones of a wide range of forestry subjects.  Many of them are focused on southern forests and land, but others may be of interest to forest land owners in the Pacific Northwest.  You can subscribe to receive announcements of upcoming webinars.


Newsletters for Small Forest Landowners

Several organizations publish free electronic newsletters that provide articles on topics of possible interest as well as announcements of upcoming events.  It is easy to subscribe, take a look at the next issue, and unsubscribe if you aren't interested.

Small Forest Landowner News, published by Washington Department of Natural Resources, Small Forest Landowner Office. Subscribe here.

Forest Stewardship Notes, published jointly by WSU Extension and Washington Department of Natural Resources.  Contains educational articles of interest to small forest land owners.  Published 2-3 times per year.  Subscribe here.

North Puget Sound Extension Forestry E-Newsletter.  Written and distributed by Kevin Zobrist, WSU Forestry Extension Agent for north Puget Sound.  As well as announcing events in his region, Kevin includes interesting educational articles.  Click here to subscribe, unsubscribe or view archives or call 425-357-6017.

Eastern Washington Extension Forestry: Andy Perleberg, WSU Forestry Extension Agent in Wenatchee, maintains a mailing list and sends items of interest one at a time rather than compiled into a newsletter.  Most items are specific to eastern Washington.  To subscribe, contact Andy at [email protected].

Washington Urban and Community Forestry Program publishes a newsletter called Tree Link which mostly deals with urban forestry issues, but contains some articles of interest to those with forest land outside of urban areas.  Subscribe to it from the DNR list of e-newsletters

Washington's Working Forests Action Network sends about 2 newsletters per month with information about forestry and forest products in Washington.  The network is a collaborative effort of several forestry-related organizations: Society of American Foresters, Washington Contract Loggers Association, American Forest Resource Council, Northwest Pulp and Paper Association, and Washington Farm Forestry Association.  You can subscribe to their newsletter or read past issues at their web site.

Woodland Word is a short, weekly newsletter published by the National Woodland Owners Association containing some educational information and some news which is national in scope, not limited to the Pacific Northwest.  You can view back issues or subscribe to a weekly newsletter.