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2019 Highlights:

Our very active board of 11 members and numerous other volunteers carried out a number of membership and community activities.

The annual winter potluck drew about 100 members for our annual meeting and elections, with a speaker on trees and climate change, and awarding the Tree Farmer of the Year to Jared and Torun Larwick.

In February and March, members picked up over 70,000 seedlings that we had grown.  In March we had our annual public tree sale selling approximately 9,000 trees to the public. This is our only fund raiser for the chapter and this year we sold out in 3 hours.

Summer brought the annual summer picnic, traditionally at the Chapter's Tree Farm of the Year, the Larwicks. Several other twilight tours were held: thinning at Gillette's, various forest management activities at Bowden's, and an export log session hosted by Pacific, Lumber and Shipping.

We also presented three $1000 college scholarships and supported our local high school forestry programs to go to competitions.

Upcoming Events:

In partnership with the Cowlitz County chapter, we are hosting the 2020 WFFA Annual Meeting. Arrangements are well underway. The theme will focus on how to grow better trees and the field tour will be on the Weyerhaeuser Tree Farm in the Mount St Helens blast area to see how their forests have recovered 40 years after the event.


The scholarship committee is now accepting applications for 2019 scholarships. Contact Betty Davenport at [email protected].

Clark Chapter Board Meetings:

Every second Tuesday at 7:00 pm at the Battle Ground Senior Center.

For more information on chapter activities, contact the chapter president. You can email the chapter president by sending a message to [email protected]  (Note that you will probably need to cut and paste or type that address into your email program)


Chapter Officers
President Bob Brink  
Vice President Dan Brink  
Secretary Georgia Goff  
Treasurer Betty Davenport  
Past President Ken Edwards  
Board Member Dave Mann  
Board Member Gene Jones  
Board Member Morgan Gillette  
Board Member Hunter Decker  
Board Member Renee Goff