Meet Members

Nick Somero

Nick Somero, owner of M&H Tree Farm, was a nominee for Washington State Tree Farmer of the Year for 2021. His tree farm owes its origins to Nick’s parents who purchased the property in 1940. Over the years, Nick purchased additional acreage that grew the property to its current 50 acres, and it has been certified as a tree farm for 41 years....

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Doug Stinson & Fae Marie Beck

Doug Stinson decided he wanted to be a forester when he was a teenager growing up in Missouri.  A summer job in Oregon convinced him that he wanted to move west.  After completing his forestry degree and serving in the Marines, he headed to Alaska where he began his forestry career and met his wife Fae Marie.  Because they wanted to own forest land, they returned to Oregon, and eventually...

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Townsend Family

Mt. RainierLocated in the foothills of Mt Rainier, the Coburg Tree Farm began with the multi-generational dream of Robert Wise, grandfather of Steve, Dave, Carl, and Keith Townsend, to provide an...

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Patty Vance

Patty Vance is manager and co-owner of the 149 acre Elmore-Vance Tree Farm which is located in eastern Lewis County, In 2019 she was named the Lewis County Tree Farmer of the Year, and in 2020, she was honored as the Washington State Tree Farmer of the Year.  This video shows how Patty has managed the...

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Tom, Ed & Bill Westergreen

Tom, Ed, and Bill Westergreen were raised on the property that has been in the family since 1888.  Their father Richard started teaching them about forestry at a young age. This video tells the family's story.


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