Harvesting and Marketing


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Small Scale Sawmills

If you are doing a small harvest or salvage logging, you may want to find a small sawmill that will cut your logs to your specifications.  WSU Extension maintains an online database of small sawmills in the state.

One of the most popular portable sawmills is manufactured by WoodMizer.  They maintain a national database of people who use their saws to mill lumber for others.  You can search by state at their site woodmizer.com/us/Find-a-Local-Sawyer


Timber marketing, presented at 2020 Fall Forestry Seminar, sponsored by Washington Tree Farm Program


Shovel logging at the B&D Tree Farm - Bryon & Donna Loucks, 2021. 8 minutes.

Drone footage of a Cut-to-length thinning in a Douglas-fir stand.  2023. 3-1/2 minutes. The video begins with a forwarder picking up logs that have been cut, then loading them on to a log truck.  Later footage shows the processor falling the trees and cutting them into logs, which is actually the first step in the process.