Cooperative Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research (CMER)

The Cooperative Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research (CMER) Committee is a monitoring, evaluation, and research program established by the Forest Practices Board. Its purpose is to ensure effective implementation of the recommendations contained in the Forests and Fish Report.

The purpose of CMER meetings is to conduct necessary business and scientific discussions associated with planning, design, and implementation of research and monitoring projects conducted by CMER to meet Forest Practices Adaptive Management Program goals. The meetings are broken up into a morning science session, which consists of presentations or discussions of scientific topics relevant to the work of CMER, and an afternoon business meeting. These meetings are open to anyone who wishes to participate and operate on the basis of consensus of all parties. If consensus cannot be reached, a decision is limited to the Board-approved membership. The CMER Committee does not take public comments at these meetings.

Currently Harry Bell and Jenny Knoth represent WFFA on this committee.

Here is the 2024 Annual Report from our CMER representatives.

Here is the 2023 Annual Report from our CMER representatives.  

For information on past and future meetings, visit their web site at