Affiliated Organizations

Family Forest Foundation

A non-profit 501(c)(5), non-governmental, project-based group that promotes family forest landowner issues.

National Woodland Owners Association

NWOA is a nation-wide organization made up of non-industrial private woodland owners. Members are in all 50 states and it is affiliated with 36 state woodland owner organizations. NWOA is independent of the forest products industry and all government forestry agencies.  It works with all organizations to promote non-industrial forestry and the best interests of woodland owners.

Forest Proud, sponsored by North American Forest Partnership

A diverse community of forest stewards responsible for shaping the future of North America’s forests. Their mission is to build trust and support to manage, harvest, conserve, and play in North America’s forests in ways that address key societal challenges.  Their web site contains information on how forests are important for everyone.  Follow their podcast to learn about individuals who are making a difference in the forestry field.

Washington Department of Natural Resources, Small Forest Landowner Office

Offers assistance to protect and promote the economic and ecological viability of small forest landowners through technical assistance and financial incentive programs such as the Family Forest Fish Passage Program and the Forest Riparian Easement Program.  You can subscribe to their e-newsletter to keep up on the latest news.

Washington Forest Protection Association

A trade association representing private forest landowners in Washington State. The web site contains information on sustainable forestry, fish and wildlife habitat improvement, reducing wildfire risk, maintaining healthy forests, and forest and fish law.  Follow their One Voice for Working Forests blog to keep up on the latest news.

Washington State University Forestry Extension

Provides education and information about forest management to private forest landowners as well as the general public. Offers classes such as Ties to the Land and Forest Stewardship Coached Planning as well as publications, videos and online resources.

Washington Tree Farm Program and  American Tree Farm System    

Provide third-party, internationally recognized American Tree Farm System certification to 750 members in Washington State who manage 380,000 acres of private forest land.