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Upcoming Dates

  • April 27, 2018 - WCFFA 2018 Chapter Annual Dinner Meeting - 6:00-9:00 PM - Northwood Hall, 3240 Northwest Avenue, Bellingham - Sign-up through the Sign Up Genius online registration sent to you via email or by emailing Liz Wiegand ([email protected]). Please include the names of everyone in your party in the "Message" section so we can make name tags prior to the event. Click here for the event flier which provides more details.

2017 Summer Tree Farm Tours

A big Thank You goes out to Dick and Jan Vollmer and Ken Stremler for providing a wonderful day of touring!  Here is a link to a summary about the day.

2017 Seed Orchard Tour

Every year multiple groups come together to provide 2 hours of education and entertainment for our local 5th graders.  The Seed Orchard Tour is held at the Weyerhaeuser Seed Orchard on the Y Rd in Bellingham. At this publication, we are still researching how many years this has been held - many parent's remember going when they were a kid!

This year's event was pretty well attended with 653 students (that's 27 classes from 12 schools within 4 districts!).  Each class spends 2 hours total visiting 8 different stations.

4 days total time involved for the representatives of organizations including DNR, Whatcom County Soil Conservation District, US Forest Service, Sierra Pacfic, Weyerhaeuser, Black Mountain Forestry, WA State Fish and Wildlife, and WCFFA.  Special thanks goes to Sierra Pacific for providing some funds for transportation when the schools can't find budget for the field trip.

2017 National Outstanding Inspector of the Year

Congratulations to our very own Tom Westergreen for receiving the ATFS National Outstanding Inspector of the Year for 2017.  We couldn't be more proud and know that you are very deserving of this award.  Great Job Tom!

2017 Annual Tree Sale

This year's tree sale was a big success.  We had to substitute plugs for bare roots on the Western Red Cedar as the freezing weather this winter damaged the seedlings.  We only had 61 Shore Pine and 85 Japanese Larch left over.  Most trees sold out by 11:35.

There were over 60 volunteers this year including members, some extended family, and Troop 23 boy scouts.  A HUGE THANK YOU to all that make this fun event possible!

Congrats to Member David New - 2016 Conservation Leader

Last November, our member David New was named a 2016 Conservation Leader by the Snohomish Conservation District.  Here is a link to the article:

Forest Landowner Legal Issues
Leslie Clark, attorney with Phillips Burgess, presented a seminar on Forest Landowner Legal Issues in Burlington in October 2016.  She has kindly given us permission to share her handouts with chapter members.  She covered trespass law, adverse possession (where someone can claim your land if they meet four requirements), easements, recreational immunity, where a landowner is not liable for unintentional injuries, but it only applies if you do not limit users recreational activities and a number of other timely topics.  She provides statute references so you can research a particular topic in more detail if you wish.  

2016 Wefer Tree Farm Tour

Many Thanks to the Wefer family for an awesome tour!  Even though it was a very drippy day we had 28 attendees.  It's unique location (right next to I5 across from Lake Samish) made access super easy.

As part of the tour, the Wefer family provided documents they have used to help govern and organize their Tree Farm as the 3rd and 4th generation has taken over for 2nd generation family members.  Policies were created on Internal Controls to address how much someone could spend without further authority as well as a Partner Tree Cutting policy which identifies what type and how many trees a family member can cut down.  These policies were not reviewed by legal counsel, but are rather used just as guidelines for their Tree Farm to operate.  They are currently working on a records retention policy.  Additionally, they create a "To Do" list every year to document activities and provide breadcrumbs for themselves in future years and for future generations who will oversee the Tree Farm.     
We very much appreciated the opportunity to tour the farm and learn from a very dedicated tree farm family!
Annual Tree Sale Set-up
Annual Tree Sale Set-up

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