Chapter Governing Documents

Governing documents for the Whatcom County Farm Forestry Association consist of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  If you would like to review either document, please click on the blue underlined words below. 



  • Fall 2018 (starting Sept. 8, 2018) - Forest Stewardship Coached Planning.  How to assess trees, avoid insect & disease problems & other topics.  You'll develop your own Forest Stewardship Plan.  Click here for more information on this WSU Extension course. 

  • Saturday, September 15, 2018  - Invasive Forest Weed Control - Mount Vernon - Field Practicum.  Learn to identify & control some of the most common invasive weeds that cause economic & environmental damage in forests.  Click here for more information on this WSU Extension course.
  • Saturday, March 16, 2019 - Annual Tree Sale @ Lynden Fairgrounds (no minimum purchase required).


Mt. Baker FFA Wins State Title

One purpose of the WCFFA is “to promote opportunities for youth education in forestry and land stewardship.”  The FFA group at Mt. Baker High School placed first this year in the State Forestry Career Development Event, which is the 10th state title for Mt. Baker HS.  They had to compete individually in the areas of Tree Disorders and Disease, Timber Stand Improvement, Tree Identification, Equipment Identification, Chainsaw Troubleshooting, Compass Course, Map Interpretation, Issues Interview and General Knowledge Exam.  Additionally, they competed as a team in an issue regarding Forest Fragmentation and had to give steps on how to prevent it along with a team cruising activity.  As the state winner, they will be attending the National FFA Convention this fall in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

In support of our purpose of promoting youth education, the Association donated $3,000 to the Mt. Baker FFA to help pay for their trip to the National Convention.  We know they will represent their high school and Whatcom County well.  GOOD LUCK!


2018 Washington State Tree Farmer of the Year

Congrats to our fellow member David New and the New family for their tree farm the Nourse Tree Farm being awarded this year's tree farmer of the year by WFFA. It is quite the honor and we couldn't be more proud!


2018 Tree Sale

This year's tree sale was a big success!  We sold out completely before noon.  There were over 70 volunteers including the wonderfully helpful boy scouts.  Thanks to all who participated!

One big change was the handing off of the reins from our Tree Sale Chairperson for so many years, Sara Brown, to our new Tree Sale Chairperson, Lisa Tiemersma.  Thanks to Sara for coordinating the tree sale for over 20 years!  Also, thanks to Lisa for stepping up to take over for Sara.


60 years – 2018 5th Grade Conservation Tour @ Weyerhaeuser Seed Orchard

5-step Recipe for a successful 5th Grade Conservation Tour:

  1. Take 401 students from 18 classes spread over 4 school districts (9 schools total, 1 private school and home school),
  2. Mix for 20 minutes at 8 stations with presenters from Black Mountain Forestry, Dept. of Natural Resources, Forest Service/National Park, Sierra Pacific, WSU Extension, Weyerhaeuser, Whatcom Conservation District and Whatcom County Farm Forestry Association (WCFFA),
  3. Spice with 1 fire truck, 2 outhouses, 1 creek and 401 seedlings (1 per student),
  4. Spread over 4 days, and
  5. Top with lots of volunteers.  Thanks to all who volunteer or provide support at this icon of learning for Whatcom County 5th graders about the value of our native trees, water, soil, and forest protection, products, regeneration, recreation and management.

Special thanks to Mt. Baker FFA for bagging seedlings and to the following WCFFA volunteers –

  • Dick and Jan Vollmer for providing WCFFA coordinating efforts, greeting buses & offloading students,
  • Sharon Westergreen presenting for our Association – Introduction to Forest Native Trees,
  • Herb Barker parking buses and cars and loading boxes of seedlings for students,
  • Tom Westergreen procuring seedlings,
  • Phil Cloward hanging signs along the road to guide the busses and cars,
  • Dan Koehler blowing the horn every twenty minutes for four days,
  • Doug and Marilee Smith loaning their horn,
  • Conrad and Jeanne Koehn donating the topsoil to bag the roots of the seedlings,
  • Joan and Gerry Kudsk painting the horn sign.
  • Alpine Meadows Christmas Trees for storing trees in cooler between Tree Sale & 5th Grade Tour. 


2017 Summer Tree Farm Tours

Dick and Jan Vollmer and Ken Stremler provided tours of their tree farms. Here is a link to a summary about the day.

2017 5th Grade Conservation Tour at the Seed Orchard

Every year multiple groups come together to provide 2 hours of education and entertainment for our local 5th graders over a 4-day period.  The Seed Orchard Tour is held at the Weyerhaeuser Seed Orchard on the Y Rd in Bellingham and was attended by 653 students.

Special thanks goes to Sierra Pacific for providing some funds for transportation when schools can't find budget for the field trip.

2017 National Outstanding Inspector of the Year

Congratulations to our very own Tom Westergreen for receiving the ATFS National Outstanding Inspector of the Year for 2017.  We couldn't be more proud and know that you are very deserving of this award.  Great Job Tom!

2017 Annual Tree Sale

This year's tree sale was a big success with over 60 volunteers including members, extended family and Troup 23 Boy Scouts.  We had to substitute plugs for bare roots on the Western Red Cedar as the freezing weather damaged the seedlings.  We only had 61 Shore Pine and 85 Japanese Larch left over.  Most trees sold out by 11:35.


David New named a 2016 Conservation Leader

David New was named a 2016 Conservation Leader by the Snohomish Conservation District. 

Forest Landowner Legal Issues
Leslie Clark, attorney with Phillips Burgess, presented a seminar on Forest Landowner Legal Issues in Burlington in October 2016.  She made her handouts available to us.  She covered trespass law, adverse possession, easements, recreational immunity, and a number of other timely topics. 

Wefer Tree Farm Tour

Even though it was a very drippy day we had 28 attendees for this tour of a tree farm right next to I-5 across from Lake Samish.

As part of the tour, the Wefer family provided documents they have used to help govern and organize their Tree Farm as the 3rd and 4th generation has taken over for 2nd generation family members.  Copies of policies are available on Internal Controls and  Partner Tree Cutting.  Additionally, they create a Management Plan with a "To Do" list every year to document activities and provide breadcrumbs for themselves in future years and for future generations who will oversee the Tree Farm.     
Contact the Chapter President for more information: [email protected]
Annual Tree Sale Set-up
Annual Tree Sale Set-up

Chapter Officers

President Don Assink  
Vice President Herb Barker  
Secretary Liz Wiegand  
Treasurer Sara Brown  
Board Member Lisa Tiemersma and Wendy Wefer-Clinton  
Board Member Phil Cloward  
Board Member Don Ruhl  
Board Member Dan Koehler  
Board Member Dick and Jan Vollmer  
Board Member Sharon Westergreen  
Past President Pat Mitchell  
Membership Tom Westergreen  
Tree Sale Lisa Tiemersma