Next Meeting: August 9, 2017, Violet Prairie Plantation

When:   Wednesday,  August  9,  6 PM

Where: 1228 Oak Drive SE, Tenino (South Thurston between Tenino and Grand Mound)

Who:  Bruce and Jackie Morgan

What: Mostly a family forest, but also a Botanical Garden, and home for exotic animals.

  • We first toured this 230 acre property in 2002 as Bruce was first starting an ambitious project to convert this entire property to a Botanical Garden with an eye towards preserving native Oak and Ash savannahs.  It’s still a work in progress with the addition of a new home, new critters, & some new visions.
  • A 70-acre harvest occurred last year where the permit involved “Fish” designation, despite no above ground connection to Scatter Creek?
  • 60% blowdown of regulatory RMZ in first winter; water bar installation requirement on roads that weren’t eroding; animal damage to prior reforestation attempts of westside Ponderosa pine, Noble Fir, Cedar, Doug Fir, Sequoia, and native Oaks.
  • The harvest was primarily to salvage heavy root rot areas on upland clay soils, where the plan is to uproot stumps prior to replanting with ____?
  • Burning slash piles last month was an exciting adventure L  providing Bruce with ample experience with DNR Fire Crews.
  • Time permitting Bruce can describe potential benefits to family forest owners of Thurston County’s new Voluntary Stewardship Program (for Ag, but Forestry is included).
  • We will consolidate our group into available 4x4’s at the house for the actual tour.

Directions From I-5  Take exit 88, and travel east about 4 miles on Old 99.  After crossing under major power lines, and passing Tilley Road intersection, look for our green Forest Tour sign in about 200 yards on right side of Old 99 at Oak Drive SE.  1228 is 2nd house on left.


We are in need of a few members to help with arranging meetings.

We have do not have a president or vice president.  Presently, the co-secretaries and treasurer are trying to hold our chapter together.  If you are willing to be called on to help, we would appreciate your letting us know.  Contact Norma Green at 360-753-1487, [email protected] ; Brian LeTourneau at 360-943-8774, [email protected]; or Bonnie Miller at 360-705-1888.  [email protected]


Our membership drive continues.  You are all encouraged to approach at least one person for membership.  Our chapter will give a $25 rebate to new members for the first year. Membership Special for 1st time new members: $45 for 1 year, 1 chapter.  

WFFA does a lot more than have meetings.  Maintaining favorable conditions, regulations, and attitudes regarding land ownership requires member participation and vigilance. Contact Treasurer Bonnie Miller 360-705-1888 for more information.


Upcoming Meetings: Mark your Calendars! .

  • Sept 13 – Possible Tour:  New State of the Art Sierra Pacific Mill – Shelton

Or An Alder Mill

  • Oct 11 – Possible:  Special Forest Products – How to benefit from harvesting
  • Nov. 8 – Program Planning for 2018


South Sound chapter typically meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month except November and December.

-- January through April and October are educational meetings held in Olympia.  FOOD is provided at 6:30 p.m., Business meeting at 7:00 p.m., followed immediately by program.

-- May through September are field tours at various locations, usually starting at 6:30 p.m.

For more information, contact the chapter president at [email protected]       



Gov. Gregoire at Ken & Bonnie Miller's tree farm

Chapter Officers
President vacant
Co-Secretary Norma Green
Co-Secretary Brian LeTourneau
Treasurer Bonnie Miller