Forest Management for Small Landowners

These chapters were written by Bryon W. Loucks, retired forester and small forest landowner, who wanted to share his 50 years of experience with other small forest landowners who are interested in learning more about managing their forest land.  They are focused on management of Douglas-fir in western Washington, but many of the chapters contain information that is useful with other species and in other locations.  If you have questions or want to make comments, he can be contacted at

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Tree Growth

Chapter 3 - Soils    New January 2021

Chapter 4 - Site Preparation

Chapter 5 - Planting

Chapter 6 - Tree Improvement Programs

Chapter 7 - Land Exams

Chapter 8 - Disease & Insect Damage

Chapter 9 - Plant Competition

Chapter 10 - Wildlife Issues

Chapter 11 - Thinning

Chapter 12 - Marketing & Final Harvest

Chapter 13 - Growing Douglas-fir

Chapter 14 - Growing Alder  Revised April 2021

Chapter 15 - Growing Western Redcedar

Chapter 17 - Tale of Three Stands      New April 2021

Chapter 18 - Surveying Corners and Property Lines   New January 2021


Appendix: Samples of Contracts.  Word versions are provided so you can modify them for your own use.    

Timber Sale - Call for Bids Timber Sale - Call for Bids - Word Version
Timber Sale Contract Timber Sale Contract - Word Version
Timber Sale Prospectus Timber Sale Prospectus - Word Version
Service Contract - Long Service Contract - Long - Word Version
Service Contract - Short Service Contract - Short - Word Version
Harvest Contract with Consulting Forester Harvest Contract with Consulting Forester - Word Version
Harvest Contract with Logger Harvest Contract with Logger -Word Version