WHAT:  NE WFFA FIELD DAY.  A Fantastic opportunity to see family forest stewardship at it's best and learn from fellow stewards.
WHERE: 2793 Addy-Cedonia Road, Addy, Washington. Our hosts are Jack and Joyce Ritchie
WHEN: TIME: 9 am to 3-ish? You know how these things go...
SOCIAL HOUR begins at 0800 (please, not before)
 NE chapter will provide coffee, pastries and cold beverages


WHO: All WFFA members in the NE, NC and Spokane chapters are invited.  Please bring a friend or neighbor!  Bring a sack lunch and wear appropriate footwear for a forestry tour!

A multi-generational family ownership, with decades of family history on the land, examples of innovative forest management practices to consider on your own property.   

THINGS YOU MIGHT SEE: (still working out the tour details)

  • Pre-commercial thinning (and how to pay for it?)
  • Family history of a local homestead
  • Firewood operations (is it better income than sawlogs in the current market?)
  • A forest of exotics
  • View a "Before and After" of a recently logged area...a good chance to compare and contrast
  • A DRONE demonstration- We all want one, right?  Learn the uses, cost and what to consider when thinking of buying a new technology. (courtesy of Berrigan Forestry).
  • And so much more!

Invite friends and family to join you for this special tour!  All are welcome!  

For planning purposes, please send an RSVP [email protected].

Questions? [email protected]

Hope to see you all out there on the tour!  Remember, Saturday, September 14th, 2019!

NE WFFA leadership

For information on the North Central Chapter, please contact [email protected].

Chapter Officers
Vice President Alan Walker
Secretary Stan Janowicz
Treasurer Michael Salisbury