WFFA Mt. Adams Chapter
Meeting Minutes,
Annual meeting, October 12, 2019
USFS Wind River Training Center, Hemlock WA.
Anita Gahimer-Crow, Chapter Treasurer; Jim White, Chapter President/Secretary; Eldie DeCou, Ole Helgerson, Jonathan Rodriguez, Sam Stults, Casey Stults, Vic Blandine
Guest Speakers: Ryan Niemeyer, Univ. of California/Santa Barbara, Greg Houle, Washington DNR
Chapter Business
We held a brief Chapter Business meeting.  Apple Cider and donuts were provided by the chapter.
-Officers for 2020:  Nominations were made for Chapter Officers for 2020.  Jim White was nominated for President and Secretary, Casey Stults was nominated for Vice President, and Anita Gahimer-Crow was nominated as Treasurer.  There was unanimous consent by chapter members to the slate of candidates for 2020 positions.
-Future topic ideas:  We discussed potential topics for discussion at future meetings.  Suggestions included visits to landowner’s properties, mushrooms and other special forest products, and the Washington DNR 20-year plan for forest health treatments.  Jim will send these out to all members and potentially gather additional topics of interest.
-Next Meeting:  Jim will send out some potential dates.  There was a desire to avoid December due to weather and holidays, and also January and possibly February, due to travel distances in our chapter and winter weather.
Dr. Ryan Niemeyer, Forest Thinning and Hydrologic Impacts
Ryan Niemeyer discussed a research project of his, simulating hydrologic impacts from thinnings using a hydroecological model called RHESSys to simulate the effects of thinning.  The project is aimed at studying how forest thinning can improve streamflow and tree/drought resilience in dry forests of eastern Washington.  Ryan is running simulations based on conditions (location, soils, climate, stand density, species) on a number of sites in eastern Washington, including several WFFA Mt. Adams Chapter members.  Results of simulations show estimated changes in stand density based on changing climate, both with and without thinnings.    After Ryan’s final simulations, he will have refined scenarios both at the watershed scale, and for individual participating landowners.  Ryan will generate a 1-page report for each participating landowner, and the opportunity to follow-up on Skype.  He plans to have the reports complete by Christmas, or possibly January.  Audience members noted that the model utilized a relatively simple modeling of forest structure, which is the model’s capability at this time.
Greg Houle, DNR Forest Health Cost-Share Program
Greg introduced himself to the group.  He is a Washington DNR Forester who has been reassigned to our area, essentially replacing small landowner assistance forester Jesse Calkins, who retired a couple of years ago.  Greg will be working with Dan Lennon, who currently covers our area in addition to the Goldendale area.  Greg will cover everything west of the Klickitat River, and Dan to the east.  Greg does have some work to complete at his old assignment in northwest Washington, but will be working here full-time by next field season.
Visit to Wind River Arboretum
After the formal meeting, Chapter members and guests visited the nearby Wind River Arboretum.  The Arboretum is an assemblage of tree species from all over the world, planted here mainly in the 1910’s and 1920’s to test how those species might perform in the local environment.  As you might guess, most have not fared very well.  The Arboretum has a network of trails through the trials, with posts noting what species have been planted.

Jim White
WFFA Mt. Adams Chapter Secretary

East of Cascades Pine & Oak Forest
Chapter Officers
President/Secretary Jim White
Vice President Casey Stults
Treasurer Anita Gahimer Crow
Board Member Vic Blandine