Lynn and Becky Miner

Lynn and Becky Miner were high school sweethearts in the Midwest when they decided to own a cabin in the woods.  They married and began saving their pennies.  While serving in the Air Force in Spokane, they fell in love with Stevens County and decided it would be the place.  Before retiring, they purchased what is now Casa Becca del Norte Tree Farm.  In the last 30 years, they have transformed 100 acres of poorly managed land into a prime example of what a small private forest can be. 

Little did they know that among other things a "dog hair" stand is not good and invasive plants needed to be dealt with.  But they persevered.  With hard work, trial and error, and the assistance of others, they wrote a forest management plan, thinned, pruned, harvested,and turned pasture into forest land.



Improvement of wildlife habitat was very important to the Miners and it was one of their primary goals.  They have installed over 500 nest boxes, created over 40 snags, erected roost poles, and planted 500 wildlife trees and shrubs.  Now their forest hosts a wide variety of mammals - deer, elk, coyote, wolves, cougar - and many bird species.

They have been actively involved in fire hazard reduction by using prescribed burning, thinning, and removing slash.  Lynn is a nationally certified wildland fire fighter boss, and as well as hosting prescribed fire practitioner training, they also have donated a 1/4 acre parcel of property for a substation of the local fire department.

In 2022 they hosted the  WSU Forest Owner Field Day and in 2023, they were named Voluntary Stewardship Program Conservation Farmer of the Year by Stevens County Conservation District.

Their efforts were recognized in 2024 when they were named Washington State Tree Farmers of the Year. This video, produced by the U.S. Forest Service for the Washington Tree Farm Program, tells their story.