Who:         Andrew A. Bluhm, Assoc. Program DIrector of Hardwood Silviculture Cooperative

What:        Twilight Tour of an Alder Research Installation            

When:       Tuesday, August 21, 2018            6:30 p.m.

Where:      Meet in Ryderwood behind the store next to the post office

The Hardwood Silviculture Cooperative has installed 26 variable density plantations extending from Coos Bay, Oregon to Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The majority of plantations are located in the Coast Range, with a few in the Cascade Range. The plantation distribution covers a wide range of geographic conditions and site qualities. At each site, cooperators planted large blocks of red alder at densities of 100, 230, 525, and 1200 trees per acre. Each block is subdivided into several treatment plots covering a range of thinning and pruning options (twelve total treatments per site).

The tour will be of one those installations just outside of Ryderwood on Weyerhauser Property. That installation is 27 years old.  Andrew will be explaining what was done in the research plot and some of the findings from this and other installations.

NOTE: Hardhat, safety vest, and over the ankle boots are required.  We’ll have a few extras but assume most of you have these items.

Driving Directions: From I-5 take Exit 59. Go west on highway 509 for 9.7 miles to store on the southeast corner of Morse and 3rd street just before the Ryderwood Post Office. Park behind the store. From there will carpool a short distance via logging roads to the research site. Access is restricted and Weyerhaeuser will be escorting the tour.

Carpooling option: If you are coming from Centralia/Chehalis, you may wish to join a carpool from there and save some gas!  Meet at the Park and Ride in the SE corner of Exit 77 at 5:45, no later than 5:55.  Cars can depart for Ryderwood as soon as they are full.


At the Washington Tree Farm Program's 33rd Annual Awards Luncheon, held during the Washington Farm Forestry Association Annual Meeting on May 21, 2018. 2018 Lewis County Tree Farmer of the Year Michelle Blake Morgan competed with 2 other nominees for the title of Washington State Tree Farmer of the Year.  Another tree farmer received the state award, but as part of the competition, a video of Michelle and her tree farm was prepared and is available for viewing here.


In case you missed the April meeting, Connie Harrington's presentation Where Should I Plant Alder? is available online. In 28 minutes, Connie explained how soil characteristics, drainage, elevation and microclimate (frost) are important criteria in determining where alder will grow well, and directed us to tools that can be used to find that information for your property.


At the Annual Meeting on February 20, Richard and Debra Pine, O'Neill Pine Company, were recognized as Lewis County Tree Farmers of the Year for 2018.  Their presentation included a 7-minute drone overview of their properties which can be viewed on YouTube.

Officers and Board Members were elected for 2018-2019.  Devon Powell was elected President, Dave Roberts Vice-President, Luke Moerke Secretary, Norma Green Treasurer, Board Members are Ken Lentz, Rick Kuykendall, Chuck Higgins, and Russ Armitage.


At the 2017 Awards Banquet on November 14, three tree farmers were recognized for good forest stewardship.  They were:

Tom & Melissa Fagerness, Fagerness Family Tree Farm, for Intensive Management

Luke Moerke, Moerke Land & Timber, for Forest Management

James & Jil Muller for Commercial Thinning.

Steve Webster, retired WSU Forestry Extension Agent, past LCFFA secretary, president, and board member for life, was given the Distinguished Service Award postumously.  He passed away in June 2017. The presentation that was given at the banquet can be viewed online.


Summary of our October 17th meeting

With a series of photos taken over 18 years, Bruce Alber of Wilbur-Ellis Company showed how trees that are free from grass and forb competition for the first couple years after planting, stay ahead for the long term.  He talked about the two times for spraying (site preparation before planting and release after planting) and the chemicals that can be used on different species of plants.  One thing that is especially important for the small landowner doing backpack spraying is the calibration of the equipment so that the herbicide is applied at the correct rate.  He provided a handout with a no-math method of calibration, and another handout with details on types of spraying and chemical to use for different species of plants.  These handouts are available below:

Calibration HandoutSpraying Handout.              


Micheal Hurley, the 2016 Lewis County Tree Farmer of the Year, competed with 2 other nominees for the Washington State Tree Farmer of the Year.  Another nominee was named winner, but a video of Micheal Hurley's tree farm was made and can be viewed here.


Bill Logan, the 2015 Lewis County Tree Farmer of the Year, was nominated for 2016 Washington State Tree Farmer of the Year.  That title was given to another nominee, but a video of his tree farm was prepared and can be viewed here.


The Lewis County Farm Forestry Association meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, except December.

Educational meetings are held in the Lewis County Courthouse basement conference room in January, March, April, May, and October at 7 p.m.

Twilight tours are held in June, July, August and September at 6:30 p.m.

Two dinner meetings are held at other locations: the Awards Banquet in November and the Annual Meeting in February.

For further information contact the President at [email protected]


Gloria the grouse always finds Sam on his tree farm
Gloria the grouse always finds Sam on his tree farm
Chapter Officers
President Devon Powell  
Vice-President Dave Roberts  
Secretary Luke Moerke  
Treasurer Norma Green  
East Board Member Rick Kuykendall  
West Board Member Chuck Higgins  
North Board Member Ken Lentz  
South Board Member Russ Armitage