The Kittitas Chapter meets twice a year, in the Spring and the Fall.  The Fall meeting is a potluck and BBQ at a member's tree farm, with a fund-raising raffle and election of officers.

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  • Our next meeting will be in Sept-Oct: date & location to be determined
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Mark your Calandar -- Sept 16, 2017

For our annual meeting, BBQ potluck. The Chapter will provide hotdogs from Owen's Meats and Buns from the Cle Elum Bakery. Bring a salad, side dish, or desert and a item for the raffle prize. Al Runte' and Mikki Douglas will be our hosts at their beautiful setting on Fowler Creek. Click here for details

May 25, 2017

Was a history making day for our area with the formation of the Kittitas Fire Adapted Communities Coalition.   This is much needed to provide a coordinated approach to assuring that Kittitas County eventually becomes a FAC.   Some high priority projects will be fleshed out at the next meeting on Sept 13, 2017 at the Cle elum USFS Ranger Station Conference  Room -- 1-3 pm. .

For more information contact Phil at [email protected]

Sept 8, 2017

Will be the ERA of MegaFires presentation in Roslyn Yard next to Basecamp. 7:30pm   Why are megafires happening ? What can we do about it ? This multi-media presentation explains how our forests have been modified in the past 120 years which has resulted in larger, more severe wildfires and what we can be doing to restore our forests to a condition resilient to fire, insects and disease. Excellent presentation -- Don't miss it.

IF  you live or have property in the WUI (Wildland Urban Interface) you should become familiar with the Kittitas County CWPP (Community Wildfire Protection Plan). This plan came out in 2009 and is now being updated by Kittitas Conservation District. They will be seeking public input. We are seeking a volunteer from our Chapter to track this and give us periodic updates.

Here is a link to the current CWPP.

We will keep you posted.

Also if you have a house or planning a house in the WUI, you will  be interested In this FireWise, Firescape brochure from the Kittitas County Fire Marshal

Field Day Mar 31, 2017 - photo on slide show

WA State Forestry & Wildlife Societies annual meeting field day was held on the Hundley Family forest & farm -- off of I-90 exit 78; Fire Station 73.  This event was  a huge success with 18 Kittitas Chapter members joining with 30 + Forestry and Wildlife professionals   The Hundley family explained their forest health, fuels reduction projects and their collaboration with the Kittitas Conservation Trust to restore salmon habitat on the 1.5 mile reach of the Yakima river through their property.  WFFA volunteers organized parking, room set-up, other logistics and setup the coffee and display table.


This was our traditional Fall BBQ - Potluck Annual Meeting. Roy and Mary Grinnell hosted on their 10-acre forest and residence on Teanaway Terraces east of Cle Elum.

Roy and Mary Grinnell gave us a informative presentation about their forest ownership background and experiences: they had a cabin and 7.5 acres on Lookout Mountain that was destroyed in the 2012 Taylor Bridge fire and have been working on reestablishing the forest. Click Here to read the Grinnell story


Chapter Polo Shirts with WFFA Logo Now Available

Lynnea T. organized the Chapter shirt project and is now taking orders. See photo in slide show at the right. To place and order contact us at [email protected]These are high qualtiy cotton-polyester shirts that come in women and men sizes.


Silvaseed Nursery in Roy, WA is looking for someone to set up a cone buying station for our seed zone. This would be for DF, PP and WL. We are having a good DF cone crop this year. Cone buyers get paid a commission and organize cone collectors. For more details contact us at [email protected] or call Mike Gerdes at Silvaseed: 253-843-2246 --- Note:  it might be too late this year but this would be an on going annual project.  We are seed zone 631.

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) purchased 47,921 acres from Plum Creek in Kittitas County in 2012. Click on the link here to see what TNC has to say:  They now have an office in Cle Elum at 110 East First St..  Darcy Batura is the local TNC Community contact person.

Darcy can be reached at 509-852-2508.



What is Tapash ?  Was established in 2007 between major government and tribal landowner agencies in the eastern Cascades of south- central Washington: including USFS, Yakama Nation, WA DNR, WA DFW, and TNC. The Collaborative provides a framework for cooperation and coordination to restore forest resistance &  resilence to wildfire and insect and disease attacks. 1.6 million acres. There are three ongoing restoration projects: Little Nache, Oak Creek, and the latest is Manastash-Taneum. These projects include tree thinning and prescribed burning contributing to wood supply and fire risk reduction.


A good source of Native Trees & Shrubs are available from WA Conservation District Nursery. For details click here.

  • Another good source is Derby Canyon Native Plants in Peshastin. Google Derby Canyon Native plants for their excellent website.

----- MEMBERSHIP REPORT - Aug, 2017 -----

Welcome New members: Paul & Dodie Gray, Jason Ireland, Kyle Nelson,  Charles and Judith Peterson, Jason Williams, Al Runte and Mikki Douglas, Daniel Seetin and Jacob (Jake) Carton.

We have 70 family and individual forest owners, forest contractors and others that share our values and interest in family forestry.

Thank-you all for your continuing support!

Our Chapter membership represents approximately 8,500 acres.

We are open for new members! Please invite; forest ownereship is not a requirement.  If you do not own forestland, you can join as an Associcate member. Click here for membership application:

WFFA Signs - if you do not have a WFFA sign or want another, send an email to the above chapter email.

Member News --


One of our members is using goat grazing for managing vegetaion in a shaded fuel break.  See in slide show at the right. This is in a area where there is no usual livestock grazing. Contact us for more details [email protected]

Bill Hall has figured out a creative method for planting styro #10 PP plug seedlings on tough/rocky ground. He is using a cordless drill with a 1/14" Irwin Speedbore twist drill. Bill says it works great and a lot easier than a planting shovel or bar. See Bill in the slide show. For more details See Bill's technique . For browse protection he uses a 2' Max Grow tube installed with a 2' , 1/2" PVC stake pounded into the ground with a 1/2", 3' steel bar driver with a head on one end for driving in the PVC stake.  Pretty clever Bill ! As of 2016 after 3 years,  Bill reports about 50% survival which is good for this tough site.

Several of our members are conducting forest health and FireWise fuels reduction projects this summer.  This means commercial and pre-commercial  thinning, ladder fuel pruning, slash disposal and log sales. See Examples in the slide show.

Factoid -  Kittitas County is 61% forested. There are 914,469 forested acres, mostly federal and state. There are 2,600 family forest owners representing 58,000 forest acres (source: UW State Forestland Database, 2007).

Other Kittitas Chapter Hot Topics - Summer, 2017

Cost Share Assistance Available: Our local DNR Stewardship Forester is Scott Chambers. Scott is the go to person for the DNR Forest Health/Fuels Reduction Cost Share Program and other forestry assistance.  You can contact Scott at 509-925-0929 or email: [email protected]

LOG MARKETS - There is a local place to sell your logs: Western Wood LLc  has a log yard near Cle Elum. For information and log prices contact John Tortorelli at 206-310-2599 or Michelle Zaun at 360-825-1342.  The majority of the logs on every load must be cut to the preferred 38' length. 

 Willis Enterprises chip mill at Bullfrog (I-90 exit 80)is buying small logs  This is a big plusfor those of us that are gernerating small logs from forest health and fuels reduction harvest entries.

Remember: To harvest trees you need a FPA (Forest Practices Application) from WA DNR. It is advisable to have a active FPA to take advantage of fluctuations in log prices and contractor availability. A Long Term Application (LTA) is recommended. A LTA is good for 15 years vs the standard 3 year FPA.

FPA exceptions are: 5000 BF per year for personal use on the property and trees within a tree length and one-half of a structure.


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We LOVE our trees!
We love our trees !

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