Dave & Jan Ingebright

When Earl and Laurine Ingebright found an ad in a local paper for a property near Arlington in 1958, they knew it would be a place for family fun, relaxation, and a quite a lot of work. What they could not have anticipated was the sheer diversity of endeavors, parties, and fun that the family would pursue on the property over the coming generations.

From forest stewardship and timber harvesting, to electrical engineering and avian eavesdropping, to rock concerts and winemaking, Earl and Laurine could not have known what was to come. Their Valhalla Tree Farm was named the Washington State Tree Farmer of the Year in 2010.  It has continued to get even better under the management of the second generation, Dave and Jan, and the third generation, Shannon.   A 2021 article in Forest Stewardship Notes, written by Brendan Whyte, showcases the many activities and ingenious inventions that the Ingebrights on the tree farm. Another Forest Stewardship Notes article in 2023 ("Making some extra change at the Valhalla Tree Farm") features use of the property for primitive camping, rented through HipCamp, and how a filmmaker recently used the site for filming of a movie about a young woman who ventured in to the woods to learn self-reliance and survival skills.