Forest Health

Web Sites

USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region, Forest Health has links to many resources about forest health, including

  • Forest Disease Management Notes, which describe various diseases that can affect native trees
  • Forest Health Highlights by state and year
  • Links to many more publications about diseases and insects in the Pacific Northwest

Forest Pests of North America.  Native and Non-native insects, diseases, and weeds of urban, managed, and natural forests. Website developed, maintained and hosted by The University of Georgia, Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health.  Contains lists by tree species and disease type, but no identification keys or photos.


Disease and Insect Damage, Chapter 8 in Forest Management for Small Landowners by Bryon Loucks. 2020. Covers only a few of the most significant diseases and insects in western Washington.

Diseases of Pacific Coast conifers, by Robert F. Scharpf.  USDA Forest Service, Agriculture Handbook 521. 1993.

A field guide to the common diseases and insect pests of Oregon and Washington conifers.  USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region. 2006.

A field guide to forest damage in British Columbia. British Columbia Ministry of Forests, and Canadian Forestry Service, Joint Publication No. 17. 2014.

Forest Insect and Disease Leaflets. A series of leaflets covering diseases and insects throughout the U.S.


Why are so many conifers dying? A look at current forest and tree health issues.  Presented by Kevin Zobrist. Washington State University Extension Forestry. 2020. 1 hour, 30 minutes.

The four horsemen of the the root disease apocalypse. Presented by Kevin Zobrist. Washington State University Extension Forestry. 2020. 48 minutes.

Climate change effects on forest insects and diseases.  Presented by Glenn Kohler. 2019 Fall Forestry Seminar, sponsored by Washington Tree Farm Program. 42 minutes.