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The American Tree Farm System (ATFS) is the oldest and largest forest conservation, certification, and advocacy program in the United States. ATFS promotes the sustainable management of forests through education and outreach to family forest land owners. The Washington Tree Farm Program (WTFP) operates the Tree Farm system in Washington, with the assistance of volunteer inspecting foresters. WTFP is sponsored by Washington Farm Forestry Association, (WFFA), an association of and for owners of small parcels of forest land, and the Washington Forest Protection Association.

To be certified into the Tree Farm System, you must:
  • Own 10 or more acres of forest land;
  • Manage it for the production of timber and other forest products, which also provide wildlife habitat and watershed protection.
  • Meet the American Forest Foundation’s Standards of Sustainability for Forest Certification, which include:
    • having a written management plan;
    • reforesting the property after harvesting;
    • protecting from fire, disease, and erosion;
    • following state regulations for all activities.
The benefits of membership in the American Tree Farm System include:
  • The right to display the distinctive green and white, diamond-shaped sign that has been used to recognize Good Forest Stewardship for over 65 years;
  • International certification for the timber that is harvested from your property, which gives you access to world-wide markets for certified wood.
  • Interaction with a professional forester who will visit your property to certify and recertify it at 5 year intervals;
  • Invitations to educational events within the state and the annual national Tree Farmer Convention;
  • The opportunity to participate in the Tree Farmer of the Year contest at the county, state, and national level;
  • Tree Farmer Newsletters from the Washington Tree Farm Program and the opportunity to subscribe to Tree Farmer Magazine, a national publication filled with practical advice and news of fellow tree farmers around the nation;
  • Knowledge that you have joined a robust community of forest owners who are committed to sustain multi-generational stewardship of forest land.
There is no cost to become a member of the American Tree Farm System.

Updated: April 2009
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