WFFA Mt. Adams Chapter Annual Meeting – July 9, 2016

Tour of Glenn Richie Tree Farm in Skamania County

The Mt. Adams chapter held its business meeting and had a picnic lunch near the historic Wind River Training Center in Skamania County.  The picnic site was by Trout Creek by the former lake created by Hemlock Dam. Hemlock Dam was removed several years ago and a large old growth log that had been below the dam was now a great place to sit and see how quickly alder and other plants had claimed the old lake bed.  After lunch the group moved down the road to Glenn Richie's tree farm.

Glenn bought his property in the Wind River area of Skamania County in 1969 at the age of 29 with the goal of forest health. He led Chapter members and guests on a tour of his 70 acres of primarily Douglas Firs with height and girth that members east of the Cascades envied. Glenn also invited the forest consultant who shared how he has worked with Glenn over the years to help achieve Glenn's goals and select which trees and when to remove. Many useful ideas were discussed and pointed out as the group walked through his forest, showing how he decies which trees to keep and which to remove for improving forest health.


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